Batteryinc is a Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer in Bengaluru, India founded in 2020. Batteryinc has been supplying lithium batteries to a broad range of applications. Now Batteryinc is recognized one of the most reliable market leaders in India with extensive experience and know-how in battery technology.


lithium battery
  • All the BatteryInc lithium cells are BIS compliant. As matching is key in lithium packs, the cells are first graded for quality and matching using cell grading technology. This ensures that you get to work with a reliable lithium ion battery with little to no risk of failure.
  • The high quality lithium ion cells selected by cell grader are arranged in cell spacers and spot welded by using automatic spot welding machine or manually.
  • Lithium battery bms, thermal sensors, epoxy insulation and various user friendly custom features like bluetooth, battery capacity indicator, etc are added based on client requirement.
  • The battery pack is tightly wrapped in a thick heatshrink sleeve and packed in water proof metal/FRP enclosures based on client need.
  • The pack then goes through a series of standardized physical, electrical, and thermal tests.
  • All finished lithium ion battery packs from BatteryInc are IP65 and ARAI/ICAT certified. This means that it is waterproof and has been tested to withstand extreme temperature changes, vibration, impact, and external pressure.
cell sorter machine
Battery pack testing machine
Why Lithium Batteries ?

Lithium batteries have excellent energy density, the amount of energy stored per mass. They also have excellent longevity meaning that they can be discharged and recharged or cycled many times and still maintain their storage capacity. That's why it's used in electric scooters, e-rickshaws, electric cars and has been for decades. It's also why it's being used for new energy storage solutions in order to power our homes, businesses, and communities.

A typical Lithium battery can handle 500-1000 charge/discharge cycles before reducing its mileage. For an average electric scooter, this is 10000 to 20000 kilometer! "Reducing mileage" doesn’t mean "lose all mileage," but means a noticeable drop of 10 to 20%. Our state of the art battery management system(BMS) actively monitors the battery and prolongs the life of the battery and you shouldn’t worry.

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