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Battery swapping service of Li-ion to Li-ion batteries

We swap discharged Li-ion batteries with charged Li-ion batteries within 5 minutes at our respective swapping station.

VRLA battery to Li-ion battery swapping services

VRLA system is first converted to Li-ion battery suportive system, then it is swapped with same capacity Li-ion battery of our respective swapping station.

VRLA battery to Li-ion Module Correction

VRLA electric vehicle modules are reconfigured to same capacity Li-ion modules for fast charging and long range capability.

On-site Swapping Service

BatteryInc is also focused on providing swapping facility anytime and anywhere as per requested by EV owner through our app.

Advanced BMS supported battery swapping

We provide SMART batteries system to automatically locate the location and status of swapped batteries using IoT, provide instant support to EV owner suffering from range anxiety.

Mission and Vision

“Our focus is to provide Battery swapping stations at different locations around the city"